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Lead Genesis has been a market leader and innovator in the residential solar space since 2011. We have helped over 500 solar Installers across the 32 states acquire thousands of new customers. All our leads pass through a proprietary validation process and are checked for TCPA compliance.

Our leads are:

  • Available in all 50 States
  • Generated from high quality sources
  • Available as Exclusive or Shared
  • Delivered via our portal, email, text, or directly into your CRM

There are no set up fees or penalties for cancelations.

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Residential Solar Lead

Solar Leads Flow Chart


Pricing is based on demand and varies by market and lead type.

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We accept returns on the following dispositions:

  • Never Asked for Quote
  • Already has Solar
  • Low Power Bill
  • Out of coverage
  • Wrong Utility
  • Not Homeowner
  • Roof Shade
  • Bad Phone Number
  • Bad Address
  • Wrong Person
  • Hostile Customer
There are no set up fees and you can cancel at any time.


Lead prospects are matched with one installer and maintain exclusivity for 60 days. Leads can be filtered by zip code and utility.


Lead prospects who desire multiple quotes are matched with up to 3 installers. These leads cost less than exclusives and generally yield lower CPAs.

Appointments and Transfers

Confirmed appointment campaigns and hot-transfers are available in certain states. Supply is limited.

Start growing your solar business with Lead Genesis!

We offer flexible payment terms, money back guarantees, and industry leading service. Lead Genesis is the best choice for your solar leads, do not hesitate, sign up now and join our many happy customers.